Monday, May 24, 2010

Weddings vs. Babies

Ok, so here is my first real mommyhood "dilemma." I'm at the age right now, 27, where most of my friends are getting married. In the past, I've always been drunkenly dancing at weddings, but this year, not so much. So I'm wondering, is it going to be any fun? Am I friends with these people because we've always shared that drunken bond? How will I really interact with them? They've been my friends for longer than we've been drinking (legally or not), but I feel like our relationship in the past few years has morphed into just partying. We all went away to different colleges and I moved away after school, so I really only get to see them on special occasions (read: drunken messes). I'm just worried about how I will be perceived by them, and how I will perceive them, when I'm not there taking shots right along with them. I already feel like some of these friendships are dying, and being pregnant feels like my last true bond with them is ending.

Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy excited about becoming a mom. I'm just worried that I'm losing who I've always been, even if that person isn't the best person in the world.

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