Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's hot out!

I don't know what the crazy weatherwoman was talking about when she said today was going to be "beauuuutiful!" It's so hot! And not just because I'm the size of a house! It's really frickin hot out! The thermometer is reading 87 and it's a touch humid. Maybe by beautiful she meant it wasn't going to rain? I want a job where I can be paid to be kinda accurate. Really. As an accountant, I don't think that would fly! LOL! Can you imagine? Well, expenses were $50,000 this quarter, but my accuracy percentage is only about 50%! I'd last a long time...

My doctor, who I hate, canceled my bi-weekly appointment today. UGH! She just rescheduled for tomorrow, but still. I already hate her. Way to inconvenience my life. It's not like I don't work and can mosey on in whenever I feel like it. These things need to be planned in advance! She did this once before, but a few days in advance so I had enough notice to clear things up with my boss. Not only do I not have any time to do that, my boss is out of town. Awesome. I can't wait until this baby gets here just so I don't have to see her anymore!

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